Mixed Styles Shuffle Program 8-Week Challenge

Mixed Styles Shuffle Program 8-Week Challenge

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My program is dedicated to sharing my favorite strategies and concepts revolving the unification of different shuffle techniques based on both Melbourne shuffle and cutting shapes styles(UK Shuffle).

Through this program I hope to help you open your mind and go outside the box in order to stimulate the place where expression and authenticity meet. All while gaining a more in depth technical understanding of the differences in between these two styles. Ensuring the preservation of culture and technique. Because it all matters.

My program is great for:

⚫️ People who want to understand how they are shuffling more in depth
⚫️ People who have had no guidance and have mostly learned from online videos
⚫️ Beginners who know about the fundamentals but aren’t comfortable yet
⚫️Intermediate dancers who want to optimize the structure of their training
⚫️ Advanced dancers who are interested in my personal philosophy and/or need accountability.
⚫️ Anyone who has felt rejected under the pressure of having to shuffle a certain way.
⚫️ A uniting space for both shapers and rockers.

💜 Much like all my past programs and groups, this one will run for 8 weeks, a different theme weekly, weekly drills, vulnerable writing prompt and video homework. Ending with a final group collaboration.