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New Program: Mixed Shuffle Styles

Coming November 30th

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T-Step School

T-Step school is a pre-recorded program packed with 10+ videos of information on technique, mechanics and my favorite T-step variations and tips. Besides the physical aspect of my program, every week includes an emotional prompt geared to helping you face who you are while dancing.

If you always wanted to take your T-step to the next level and really understand the mechanics, this is the program for you. A lot of people think T-stepping is really boring and basic but I am here to show you that this is far from the truth.

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T-Step Thursdays


This class is no longer an open levels class. Experienced beginners are welcome but if you are not familiar with the fundamentals, consider taking a private 1 on 1 lesson with me or purchasing my pre-recorded shuffle basics course.

No refunds if you cancel less than 5 hours before.

Class Description: This class is fully based on the T-step technique so you must know what this entails upon signing up. We drill during the first half, include movement exploration exercises and close the class with a group/partner activity. Being able to transition with your T-step from side to side and keep up with faster BPM's is a plus in this class.

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Shuffle Dance: Drills, choreo and exploration

Join me for every Monday at 6:45pm-7:45

Floor lord's studio near Harvard square in Cambridge, MA

Updated price: $20 per person

This class is geared to my more advanced students who want to improve their stamina, muscle memory, transitions and polish their performance of more complex combos.

It will be from a 2 to an 8 count depending on the week. This class is not for the faint of heart but if you are athletic and have some dance background you have a chance of making it until the end. Everyone is welcome regardless of level but this is not an intro class.

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Lessons, Groups & Packages

  • T-Step Thursdays 7:30pm-8:45pm (Intermediate)
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  • 1 on 1 Shuffle Lesson (1 Hour) in person - NOT AVAILABLE THROUGH HERE
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Shuffling For All

My services are for people of all ages but I specialize in teaching anyone who has difficulty learning or hasn't been succesful at learning on their own. I am fascinated with the fact that we all learn differently and I truly believe everyone can benefit from the magic of this dance.

Incredible! Carolina taught step by step & literally made it so easy for all levels to understand. I remember being nervous that i wouldn't be able to get the moves down/ keep up but she playes the cards right the whole time. From the warmup to the final product. I learned new moves and was confident & comfy in the enviornment and dynamic she created! 💙 Wish I didn't live so far, I"d come to every class LMAO


Carolina is an amazing and experienced teacher - She teaches at just the right speed and explains things in different ways so that they click for you. Her creativity shines through, whether in teaching you new moves to fit into your own natural style or in choreos she teaches in her group classes. Overall you will feel safe and comfortable yet challenged and you will see obvious level ups after one session.


The first time I took a lesson with Carolina was in January 2020. I was new to shuffling but had previous experience in other dance genres. After working with her once, I was immediately hooked. She not only taught moves and dance combos, but taught the history, the musicality, the difference between styles, and so much more. I was truely immersed. Ever since that first lesson, I've been attending as many of her workshops and classes as I could. Her preparation, patience, and passion for teaching all levels of dancers is so evident and so refreshing! I absolutely love being part of it and get excited to share the floor with her. Carolina will seriously level up your dancing and tap into your personal creativity just as she has done for me!


Carolina is an extraordinary teacher not only because of what she knows but also how she transmits it. Her patience, love, honesty, silliness are in every second of her class and makes me feel in a safe space to express and be. Shuffle Therapy helps me to be more comfortable with myself, with my dance and how I let myself be vulnerable in front of others. Her class has helped me to discover new things about myself (bad and good). Thank you Caro


I’ve been a student of Carolina‘s for a couple of years now. I’ve done private lessons, her Thursday shuffle power classes, and her online shuffle accountability FB groups. She is an incredibly talented dancer and is so passionate about shuffle dance, respecting it’s history, and honoring different styles. Carolina will help you find your own unique flow. She is a wonderful teacher. I’ve learned soo much working with her and have had so much fun!


I’ve made more progress in the last couple weeks than the last 5 years of shuffling! Carolina is an amazing teacher that takes the awkwardness out of learning for beginners and makes it easy for anyone to learn


Shuffle Therapy was exactly what I needed to break past a dancing plateau in my shuffle journey. Caro not only made me think of new patterns of movement, but also solidified muscle memory within my body with the different drills and tricks she has to offer. The best thing about Shuffle Therapy is that Caro really takes the time to break down the kinesiology behind certain movements which is really important when it comes to shuffling and footwork. Love that she’s very flexible and really works towards all levels. She has great basics but also has challenging drills and exercises for more advanced students too! So excited to continue to grow and gain more insight from her and her awesome program!


Working with Carolina is always something I look forward to. I’ve taken her shuffle classes and I’ve taken a 1:1 lesson with her.

Her energy and passion for shuffling is infectious. She breaks the moves down in a way that make it easier to learn.
I always take away so much value from her teaching!

Thank you Carolina for pouring your heart and soul into the dance community!