Shuffle Dance Basics Online 8-Week Program

Shuffle Dance Basics Online 8-Week Program

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Shuffle dance basics online is about learning of the old and new history happening around this dance as well as about the different styles within the umbrella of shuffling.

We will dive into the Melbourne shuffle and cutting shapes as key parts to the rise of this style in the last few years. We will go over the co-existence of the underground and mainstream scene and how it makes up the ying yang that pushes this whole movement possible in present day.

Shuffling is about it’s technique and power but ultimately about expression and freedom as it was born In the underground scene and flowered via social media. It is up to us to learn and tell it’s history so it can move about graciously in the online and in person space.

This program is designed for beginners with 0 dance experience, anyone who is looking to get into their shuffle journey and doesn't know where to begin and adults who are looking to reap the benefits of this dance as a movement medicine.

I will also hold a 7-week online Facebook group with my program for those that want to follow along and grow together. Let’s learn and dance 💚 My program is for everyone and even if don’t join my online group, you can do it in the comfort of your home.

I am ecstatic to bring forth more specific programs in the future but I had to start by creating this for my baby shufflers who have inspired me the last year trying to get me to make a program for beginners and here is it! thanks to y'll. 

The program is perfect for you if:

-You are 30+ years old

-You are a complete beginner with no experience

-You feel like you have two left feet

-You have difficulty learning through tik tok/youtube videos

-You want to enter the shuffle community space but feel a little lost about the vibe

-You want to learn about the history and the key differences between The Melbourne shuffle and cutting shapes

-You have no idea what you are doing

-You have never danced a day in your life 

-You are enthusiastic about learning about this dance

This program is not for you if:

-You are looking to deepen you shuffle practice as this program teaches the very basic/fundamentals of this dance and is designed for beginners. 

What does it include?

-A follow along guided mobility warm-up dedicated to keeping your hips mobile and getting your nervous system ready for your shuffle practice.

-Week 1: Intro and history of shuffling

-Week 2: Melbourne Shuffle Instruction: Running mand and T-step

-Week 3: Cutting shapes instruction: X-step and Charleston 

-Week 4: How to build your hybrid practice

-Week 5: Hybrid Choreography

-Week 6: Shuffle Freestyle

-Week 7: Bonus: Spins, kicks and glides.

Looking forward to having you do my program. I wish you nothing but growth and healing.