T-Step School: 8-Week program

T-Step School: 8-Week program

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Shuffle Therapy: T-Step Model A system of vibrational foot taps in motion that connects the body with the fabric of our environment through different levels of energy applications. Every tap can be used to deliver a message that conveys an aspect of the unconscious through exercising the release of preconceived notions of movement.

Goals: Learning how to surrender to the T-step expression while simultaneously embodying intention more deeply. The paradox: Learning control in the form of intention but also surrendering ego-based control. By the end of week 8 you should:

- Have a technical understanding of what goes into T-stepping in a way that you can explain it to someone else

- Know how to structure your T-step practice and exactly what you need to continue working on, on your own

- Be able to T-step without putting your focus on what move you should do next

- Be able to T-step ONLY to demonstrate intention -Understand what the concept of rocking (although it won’t be fully covered) is as well as be able to distinguish and apply the reverse T-step and backwards T-step

- Be able to apply your understanding of the T-step to your freestyle practice

- Play with different energy levels during your T-step -Be able to travel using your T-step

Program includes: 10+ Videos of instruction and guidance, warmup, weekly drills, vulnerable writing prompts and online accountability group during the first two months of the program.

CHALLENGE IS WEEKLY NOT DAILY, geared to busy working adults. My program is perfect for beginners that already know how to T-step and for advanced shufflers that need accountability and want to connect with other T-step lovers. Once your purchase is completed, you will receive the PDF plus the Facebook group link.